For creative work, it is impossible to arrive with a pricing list that can be applied to every situation. I am, however, always happy to offer you a free, non-binding quote. Just get in touch with me and we’ll take it from there!

Here are some general guidelines though.

I usually quote content creation based on a fixed sum, translation based on a per-word rate and everything else by the hour/day. This way, the risk of over/underpricing is minimised, which is beneficial to both parties.

The price will depend on:

  • Task complexity
    • Consultancy/strategy > management > writing > editing > translation > proofreading > administrative
  • Materials
    • Are there any, what shape they are in, are interviews needed…
  • Timelines
    • Extra for super urgent, discount for relaxed
  • Subject-matter complexity
    • Think general marketing vs metallurgy
  • The consultancy element
    • Rest assured though that everything is free until we agree otherwise, I am not one to send you a surprise invoice
  • Partner services
    • Websites, photography, multimedia, etc – read more