In January 2019, I started working as a freelancer under my company, Right Message Oy. Here are the main skillsets behind my service offering.

Writing in English, business communications and strategy

  • Studied English and Creative Writing at LSBU
  • Lived in London for 9 years, working for global businesses
  • Wide range of experience over different industries such as online games (Bwin.Party), localisation (RR Donnelley Language Solutions), L&D and sales (Imparta), and digital corporate communications (Investis)


Writing in Finnish, journalism, digital media, print:

  • Degree in Journalism (Tampere University)
  • Over 10 years of experience working as a journalist (e.g. Finnish Broadcasting Company YLE, Sveriges Radio, Aamulehti)
  • Over 9 years of experience in content writing and localisation in Finnish


Technical knowledge: I have collaborated with SEO teams, software developers, designers and other creative professionals as part of projects I have ran or participated in from content perspective. While my background is not in technology, I have made a conscious effort to learn and continuously update myself on the basic mechanics of present-day technology. In 2019, this means for instance understanding current SEO, responsive design and social media algorithms.

As for equality, climate justice, sustainability and emerging technology, these are subjects I am currently focusing on out of personal interest. I am worried for our planet and the humanity’s future, and I am actively trying to find ways to help. In particular, I am currently looking for clients and partners who either work in the field of climate change or sustainability or would like to improve their strategy or communications around these topics.


Still have questions? Just ask!